Goods are demanded because of their utility

What is a Want: The basis of all economic activities is the existence of human wants and the process of fulfillment of this want is the base of economic activity.

Desire/ Want :
“Desire is the wish to have something. But ‘want’ is an effective desire for a particular thing, which can be satisfied by making an effort to acquire it.

Want can be used for demand but Desire can not be.

Definition - Demand may be defined as the amount of the commodity an individual is willing to buy at a particular price and at a particular time.
q = f(p) It means quantity demanded is a function of Price
Here q= quantity demanded and P = price of the commodity.

The relationship between demand and Price can be understood by -

The above table represented in the form of graph is called Demand curve

The Demand curve states a negative relationship between price and quantity demanded.
As the price decreases, the quantity demanded increases and vice versa.


· Change in consumer tastes

· Change in the number of buyers

· Change in consumer incomes

· Change in the prices of complementary and substitute goods

· Change in consumer expectations


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What about the changes in the government policy which may harm the pricing?

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